About Us

How people perceive a company can be by one major factor, their brand. That is why it is vital for a company to have a strong, solid brand that expresses who they are as a company in the best way possible. The modernizing and consistency of one nationally-approved branded merchandise vendor, such as Zorch, will benefit an entire company to make sure their brand is protected and displayed correctly.

By choosing to partner with Zorch, our clients receive our full dedication to make sure their brand is enhanced by using the highest quality products at the best prices.
The Zorch team works with you to identify the perfect product, or suite of products, that allows you to stand out from the crowd and create a unique, and lasting, brand experience. These products are carefully chosen and reflect the ideals surrounding your brand. A valuable product that we know they will hold on to for a long time.

By shopping at the branded merchandise e-store, it is an entire brand experience. Zorch has created a customized line of products specifically for you and your unique needs.

- Zorch e-Stores offer an extensive collection of products (e.g. sustainable products, mugs, writing instruments, and more) with a modern twist, the latest trends in branded merchandise, and innovative product suggestions for those special orders.

- On a regular basis, new products proudly displaying your logo are added. So be sure to keep updated and check back often.

- Unlike other traditional promotional suppliers, Zorch uses an innovative supply chain model. We offer the market’s best prices to our customers providing them with economical pricing without sacrificing product quality, service, or brand integrity.

The Zorch team is made up of experienced customer service representatives including the manufacturer’s creative teams. Combined, these teams bring product expertise, creative product ideas, and sharp strategies for trade shows, promotions, sponsorships, special programs and support for other unique needs.
When you “Zorch It,” you are getting the full package; a dedicated creative team, remarkable customer service, and the ability to buy more, buy better, and for the same budget. 
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